This Is The Maxwell Murder

I am a tattooist at Off Key BIRMINGHAM UK

Email me on to book

Instagram: @maxrathbone_tattooer

Swollen elbow for @jaderollo Thankyou for coming down
ITS CLOBBERING TIME!!! Cheers @robbchatterleytattoo
One hit on the ribs, but distorted due to it wrapping around
Still have some of these available at These are my first ever prints available for purchase online and once these are sold out they will not be re printed
I have some time on Tuesday and Wednesday I’d like to fill. I have this available and would be happy to draw anything. Email me if you are interested
Been a busy day
Inner bicep
Quickie this morning with rockstar @craig_andmanors
Really enjoyed this one, Thankyou @sophiiiiekate
Had the pleasure of doing @liturgies ’ first tattoo. The design is based on one of his own drawings. Cheers dude, look forward to the next one
Corbin just gave me a bloody nose
I now have this available. Email me on to grab an appointment
My earliest memory is my Dad coming home with a tattoo. Now he gets tattooed by me which is awesome. Today I put this on his inner bicep, going to add smoke and stuff next time