This Is The Maxwell Murder

I don't need to be in a band to be a rockstar.

I am a tattooist at Off Key tattoo studio

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Tattoo by James McKenna @j__mckenna
Got some space tomorrow and Friday to tattoo. I’d really like to do this and would be willing to do a bit of a discount on it. For this or any other enquiries email me on or DM me
Just finished this on @sianmariemcdermott Started the centre piece a while ago and added new bits either side. Thank you for coming down today

Anonymous asked: I was thinking about getting a Simpsons tattoo but heard some dodgy things about how yellow ink heals. What's the professional opinion on it?

Yellow ink will be fine if it’s put in by someone who knows how to tattoo. Get all the Simpson tattoos you can

Freehand ditch rose on @retrocoffeeloverz Cheers mate
I will be attending this years @leedstattooexpo at New Dock hall (opposite The Royal Armouries) I’ll be doing walk ups and hopefully have all my prints sorted by then. Get your Weekend or Day tickets online at before they’re gone!Tickets start from just £17#tattoo #tattoos #tattooconvention #leedstattooexpo
Close up from yesterday’s sitting
Five hours down on the hardest guy I have ever tattooed. Colour next time
Always a pleasure to tattoo this girl. Thank you @charlotmader for bringing me another cool idea
First one from today @inklounge thank you @queenmyszki
Just did this between a @wenramen tattoo and a @crispylennox one. No pressure. Thank you @thegracepun
Two more recent reworks

Anonymous asked: Hey! Can you recommend any good artists for script tattoos around birmingham? No worries if not, thanks if you can.

Go see Little Nick up painted lady in northfield and tell him I called him a bumder. He will do you some sick script

Got the first three hours done on this today before he tapped out. Well done Jody, excited to do more on this

alycandela asked: what happens when people have the hungover and gets tattoed?

They bleed more and it hurts a lot more. Which usually makes them jump around a lot more